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FSC® Certified Plywood

When selecting a plywood or general timber and board supplier, it is essential to ensure that the products that they are delivering are compliant with the rules of the Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to demonstrate responsible use of timber.

The FSC® is a stakeholder body that effectively monitors the end-to-end supply of timber from the forest to the point of use to ensure that at all stages in the supply chain it can be demonstrated to have come from a sustainable that is managed responsibly. The FSC® certification stamp identifies compliant product, suppliers and merchants.
Creffields fully embraces the ethos of the FSC® and supplies flame-proof plywood, hardwood and other timber products that are fully certified by the FSC®. Indeed, Creffields is also certified by the Council and has been for many years.

FSC® Plywood is demanded by Creffields’ customers as well. Whether our timber is being used on the set of a TV programme, the stage of a major production or in the build of an exhibition stand or new retail showroom, all designers are required to use only demonstrably environmentally friendly products and the FSC® scheme is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind so this is often specified in a tender document or order.

The FSC® issues two types of licences:

Forestry Management Certification that demonstrates that the method and level of timber cultivation is sustainable Chain of Custody (COC) Certification which shows that only FSC® certified product is being supplied as such at all stages in the supply and re-work process.
Between the two levels of checking – which is undertaken by approved third parties – customers can be confident that product labelled as FSC® Plywood or any other type of timber is indeed compliant with the FSC® rules. FSC® certification even extends into products like paper, furniture and even jewellery. Creffields is certified under a COC license (CU-COC-805708).

With over half the world’s forests being calculated to have been destroyed, degraded or switched to other land use and much of the remainder being badly managed, the FSC® programme is an important contributor to the sustainable management of scarce global resources. We are proud to be part of this scheme and that our customers can be confident that when they order FSC® Plywood from us, there is no negative impact on the environment or the world’s forests.