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When fire takes hold, time is everything. Precious minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

The ingredients in DRICON fire retardant treated timber and panel products dramatically reduce the surface spread of flame, heat and smoke release during a fire, giving you the time you need to get out safely.

A commercially proven global brand, DRICON is backed by extensive independent certification including over 25 years of BBA accreditation and more than 30 years of fire performance experience.

Panel products are impregnated on all faces and applied in a stringently controlled, industrial vacuum pressure process at a specialist treatment centre - the only one of its type in the UK, operating with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

There is no need to re-apply fire retardant protection throughout the life of the board. Independent test data demonstrated no change in fire performance of DRICON treated plywood after 21 years in use.

End Use and Specification

Fully approved by London Underground and complies with LUL Standard 1-085 'Fire Safety Performance of Materials'.

DRICON treated plywood is suitable for all general construction requirements including areas prone to high humidity.

DRICON fire retardant holds the highest durability rating achieveable (DRF-INT2) in terms of interior, permanent use under the draft European Standard pr EN 16755.


For more information you can download our useful guides:
Dricon Specifiers Guide
BBA Certification



DRICON is unique. The one and only type INT2 humidity resistant fire retardant treatment to carry the following list of accreditations . . .




The only BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified fire retardant treatment for timber (Certificate No. 87/1841) - certified since 1987.

UK Wood Protection Association (WPA) approved status type INT2 humidity resistant fire retardant product.

Quality accredited through the UK WPA Benchmark FR Certification scheme.

Applied in compliance with the WPA quality scheme. Lonza Wood Protection is the only timber treatment company operating to this scheme and with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

Fully tested by Exova Warrington Fire Research with independent Euroclass Classification Reports for each timber species and timber thickness, for use with or without air gaps - BS EN 13501-1.

Independently assessed and listed treatment by the American Wood Preservers' Association (AWPA). Also approved by the US military.

Independently assessed by Chiltern International Fire in the 6 storey timber frame TF2000 (Staircase 2001) study and found to satisfy the functional fire safety requirements of the UK Building Regulations.

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