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Creffields On the BBC News

Sharp-eyed customers noticed Creffields on the BBC news, but only in the background.. Flameproofed boards, certainly not on the bus!! See the full
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Crafting the Universe of Squid Game

Crafting the Universe of Squid Game; Unveiling Creffields Timber and Boards Squid Game, the sensation that captivated streaming audiences is
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Elevating Royalty

Elevating Royalty; Creffields Timber and Boards Take Centre Stage with Non-Slip and Painted Plywood, at the Kings Coronation Celebration When it
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Creating the Magical Universe of “The Lord of the Rings”

"The Lord of the Rings" trilogy directed by Peter Jackson is not a piece of cinema but also a testament, to exceptional craftsmanship. Constructing
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Creffields on the TV!

OK, maybe not us but our products! Creffields have been supplying FR Plywood/MDF and a variety of other Timber products for this year’s “I’m a
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